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Silvio Colombo COL Bearings

A long Italian history: from reconstruction to globalization

Founded in 1944, Silvio Colombo S.p.a is a company specializing in the production and sale of rolling bearings, active on Italian and foreign markets.

During its 80 years of activity, the company has accompanied the evolution of the bearing sector in Italy, offering its customers products that are always in line with the needs of the market.

80 years of experience


Silvio Colombo is born as a dealer company of technical products.



The company becomes a distributor of FAG bearings.


The company becomes an exclusive distributor for Italy of KOYO bearings.



The company becomes an exclusively distributor for Italy of KBC bearings.


Silvio Colombo establishes itself on the market as a bearing manufacturer and structured itself as a Group. Silvio Colombo also established in China in Shanghai a branch office as trading company for Asian market, sourcing office, R&D and Quality Laboratory.



COL brand, Silvio Colombo’s flagship brand, is born with its own production site in China.


Joint Venture constitution with Chinese partner.



Silvio Colombo acquires Intervolventi CFC brand, a company specialized in the distribution of bearings for complementary markets.


The company focuses its business on the COL brand, ending the distribution of third party products.



New production plant for the manufacturing of COL bearings.


75° Anniversary. A new milestone in our history.



Silvio Colombo acquires the exclusive for the distribution of the IMA brand.


The historic COL brand is now joined by CFC brand, acquired through the merger with Intervolventi SpA, a company part of the Group since 2006.



Silvio Colombo signes a collaboration agreement with IN MOTION company for the distribution of bearings to after market customers.


Proud to celebrate 80 years of succesfull activity.


Solution provider

The know-how gained over the years, combined with a design centre centre and certified production lines, allows us to respond in a timely and transversal manner to the different needs of customers. The search for innovative products allows Silvio Colombo to interpret and anticipate market demands, guaranteeing a reliable and competent service, with particular attention to the price levels.

Quality driven

The direct control of each phase of the production process ensures high quality standards of both the product and the service offered.

Quality Control is carried out in three steps:

  • Activation in the production site;
  • Completion in the Shanghai laboratory;
  • Closing with a final inspection in Italy.

Quality driven


Silvio Colombo S.p.A., in order to reduce the supply chain between production and the market, interpreting the needs relating to an ever greater attention to costs, intends to:

Design an "integrated structure" between production and distribution, eliminating any unnecessary steps.

Combining and integrating the economic, qualitative, application and service needs of customers with those of production.

Promote your own brand.

Offer adequate solutions to customers' procurement, planning and financial problems.

Give absolute priority to the quality of our products and our service while also collecting the perception of customer satisfaction.

Carry out rigorous checks on products in your quality control laboratory located in China, at your subsidiary

Pursue excellence in every business process through continuous improvement, reacting quickly to any deviation from this objective.

Involve every function and every resource in achieving the company objective.



Silvio Colombo undertakes to::

  • Plan and implement a Quality Management System, set up according to the methods defined in the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard in order to guarantee continuous improvement
  • Disseminate customer needs, the culture of quality and its management within the company through knowledge of the objectives and tools connected to it, stimulating active participation in the resolution of quality problems and improvement proposals
  • Carry out a review of what has been applied and implemented in order to verify its suitability, adequacy and effectiveness
  • Review this Quality Policy in order to ascertain its continued suitability and support, including financially, any changes.

2024: 80 years of success

We are ready for the future!


2019: 75th anniversary

Thanks for sharing this night with us!

Why choose our company

The company has established itself as a reliable partner, able to offer customers a wide range of high quality products at competitive prices. Silvio Colombo S.p.A. reaches wide market segments, with diversified product lines. The service model responds efficiently, promptly and flexibly to the requests of various types of customers: OEM, Aftermarket and resellers in the Industrial and Transmission sectors.

Reason 1

Wide product range

Silvio Colombo S.p.A. produces rolling bearings for the industry used in numerous application sectors. The wide product range allows us to cover almost every specific request of the market.


Silvio Colombo COL Bearings product range
Silvio Colombo COL Bearings quality


Reason 2

Always guaranteed quality

To guarantee the highest quality of the products, Silvio Colombo S.p.A. performs scrupulous tests in the factory, in the laboratory and within the research and development centre.

Reason 3

Tailor made solutions

The Technical Assistance Service of Silvio Colombo S.p.A. is able to develop customized products and services
both in co-design with the customer's technical department or in complete autonomy based on the customer's requests.


Silvio Colombo COL Bearings tailor made solutions


Silvio Colombo COL Bearings selling team

Reason 4

sales team

Silvio Colombo S.p.A. adopts an extremely flexible and reliable sales model, governed by a solid organization with several offices in Italy and China.