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The machines in the handling sector are increasingly subject to continuous and growing requests in terms of:

  • Reduced maintenance (zero down-time);
  • Consumption efficiency;
  • Solidity and reliability;
  • Flexible and adaptable assembly.

Typical applications in this sector are the following:

  • Transport systems
  • Luggage handling equipment
  • Packaging equipment
  • Palletizers
Loads Type and Bearing Choice

Loads Type and Bearing Choice

Many types of bearings are available that can meet different needs: starting with aligning supports of various shapes (Self-aligning Bearing unit), up to special bearings for the application of conveyor belts (QDD series). The QDD series bearings, called conveyors bearing, are ideal for conveyor belts, both from an economic point of view (made of stamped sheet metal) and for their strength and simplicity of assembly, usually the terminal end of the roller is edge-wrapped on the bearing itself.

Easily assembly

Easily assembly

In order to allow a flexible and adaptable assembly to the different material (and consequent different weight) treated by the handling line, self-aligning supports of various shapes are available (round, square, oval, triangular, etc.) and of different material (cast iron, stamped sheet metal, etc.). In addition, all are equipped with an eccentric ring or fixing screws.

Key requirements

Key requirements

1. Super pure 100Cr6 steel to increase bearing life;
2. Super-finish to reduce surface roughness;
3. Fine grinding to obtain P5 or P4 tolerances on the raceways;
4. G10 grade balls to reduce friction;
5. Different seal configuration: no contact, with one or more sealing lips;
6. Dedicated and refined lubricating greases to avoid maintenance;
7. Control of the production process of the cast iron support;
8. Controlled coupling between bearing and support unit;

Our challenges

Our challenges

1. Application requirements
- Flexibility to different loads;
- Reliability and solidity;
- Maintenance free;

2. Control Standards Implemented
- Automatic production line;
- Dedicated control grids;
- Storage and record of production highlights.

Custom bearings?

The Technical Assistance Service of Silvio Colombo is able to develop customized products and services both in co-design with the customer's technical department and in complete autonomy based on the customer's requests.