Bearings for
Textile sector

Silvio Colombo COL Bearings for textile sector
  • DGBB Series Micro
  • DGBB Series Normal
  • DGBB Series Custom
  • DGBB Series LSO
  • ACBB Series Normal
  • Self-Aligning Bearing

Textile sector

The machines used in the textile sector for spinning and processing fabrics are subject to very severe working conditions such as:

  • Misalignment;
  • Steam / Water;
  • Chemical products;
  • Variable loads due to different fabric widths;
  • High rotation speed.
Accuracy of the work performed and reliability

Accuracy of the work performed and reliability

The textile sector is strongly characterized by the need to avoid production stops and breakdowns, which negatively affect the production volume and the quality of the product itself.
Therefore, the followings are crutial key pointsl:
• Choice of the bearing (based on the size and direction of the loads)
• Radial Clearance, Standard (Normal, C2, C3) and also Customized
• Minimum vibrations

Load Types and Bearing Choice

Load Types and Bearing Choice

Textile applications are often characterized by misalignment between shaft and bearing. Therefore, self-aligning ball bearings are widely used, also deep groove ball bearings (DGBB) are commonly used, even in the special version LSO (Lubricated with Solid Oil).

LSO bearings are bearings with a polymeric lubricant, which guarantees the correct greasing of the bearing for all useful life and at the same time remains united with the cage and the balls, without the need to use metal shields or seals.

Key requirements

Key requirements

1. Super pure 100Cr6 steel to increase bearing life;
2. Fine grinding to obtain P5 or P4 tolerances on the raceways;
3. Super-finish to reduce surface roughness;
4. Improved raceway design;
5. G10 grade balls to reduce friction;
6. Special design of the seals, with one or more lips, and different types of material;
7. Ultrasonic cleaning combined with demagnetization treatment;
8. Extremely refined and / or special lubricating greases to reduce friction and optimize sliding;
9. 100% control of noise and vibrations, along the production process;
10. Maximum starting already from the minimum rotation speed;

Our challenges

Our challenges

1. Minimum Vibrations for Maximum Accuracy
- High machinering execution;
- Lubricated injected in a clean environment;
- 100% selection at the end of the line;

2. Control Standards Implemented
- Automatic production line;
- Dedicated control grid;
- Storage and record of production highlights.

Custom bearings?

The Technical Assistance Service of Silvio Colombo S.p.A. is able to develop customized products and services both in co-design with the customer's technical department and in complete autonomy based on the customer's requests.